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We Kleen 4 U provides the highest professionalism in the industry and pays extremely close attention to detail, which is one of the reasons why we have been a successful and trusted name in house cleaning in Aurora for so many years. We take the time to clean every area of your home – and disinfect as we go – so you can maintain a clean and healthy environment for your family.
We know that having a family means life can get hectic at times. Everyone has different schedules making it increasingly difficult to keep up with the daily maintenance of running a household. This is where we can help! Having your house cleaned from top to bottom is as easy as making a phone call. Schedule an appointment with us and we will clean your house while you do the other things your family needs you for.
Schedule your cleaning with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
We Kleen 4 U works with some of the most experienced cleaning professionals in Aurora to make sure that you get the best cleaners on the market. Your cleaners will follow your apartment cleaning checklist to ensure everything is up to standards. If, however, you find an issue with your service or believe your cleaners overlooked a spot, fear now! You have a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee. Just report the issue and a team will come back to re-clean the missed areas at no extra cost.
What You Get With We Kleen 4 U
More time for YOU
Set up a regular apartment cleaning schedule and forget about chores. Spend time focusing on yourself and your loved ones while your team gives your apartment a lasting sparkle.

Online convenience
Schedule an apartment cleaning service in just a few simple clicks. You need less than 60 seconds to fill out our simple booking form and make an appointment.

Five-star customer care
Our customer service team is ready to answer your questions 24/7. We strive to resolve all issues within 48 hours and give you all the answers you need.

Highly rated cleaners
We’ll dispatch a team of professional cleaners who’ve passed our rigorous five-step vetting process. With them by your side, cleaning becomes effortless.

Fair fixed fees
You can see our flat-rate prices on our website for full transparency. We bring value for money with fixed rates and no hidden costs. With us, you get complete honesty.

Tailored Cleaning
Get a cleaning package tailored to your apartment and its specific hygiene challenges. Optimize your cleaning service according to your needs.

You’ll Love Coming Home To A Clean House!
Your home is your sanctuary. It’s also a place where the people you love gather. We’ll make sure it’s neat and clean and ready to welcome family and friends.
  • Everything is neat, in it’s place and expertly dusted.
  • The kitchen is spotless and appliances are gleaming.
  • Bathrooms are freshly sanitized, soap scum is gone and mirrors are streak-free.
  • It’s clean sheet day and fresh linens are on every bed.
  • Floors are thoroughly vacuumed and expertly mopped.
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